IWM Project Management System


Delivering projects on time and on budget now takes a lot more than just a status meeting. Your teams are distributed, and they need real-time visibility to navigate task dependencies, monitor project timelines, identify current roadblocks, and delight clients. With IWM Project Management System, your team finally gets the information they need to deliver projects predictably and profitably.

What is IWM Project Management System?

IWM Project management System enables managers to complete projects smoothly and on time.

It helps you generate practical goals and deadlines according to the data you enter in the system so that you won’t have to rely on guesswork.

Moreover, you can link separate tasks to get the big picture of project status and also to ensure that your team members complement, rather than contradict, their deliverables.

Visual ticklers such as Gantt Charts are common project management tools.

Managers can use the software to anticipate issues and possibilities as well as conducive and unfavorable scenarios, and reorganize their processes, resources, time, and data to adapt to changing situations.

How it works

Few KEY FEATURES of the System


Organize Your Work

Organize and prioritize hundreds of IT projects and tasks in a single view. From high-level, long-range planning to up-to-the-minute execution, you’re covered.


Collaborate Seamlessly

Get visibility into what the team is working on, and collaborate at the task level. Follow the tasks that you care about most or drill down to the comments on your biggest project. You can also see the history of all your task activities.


Manage Resources Accurately

Assign tasks in a manner that aligns with the day-to-day availability and reality of your team. Know in an instant who’s working on what and make adjustments to their workloads. No more missed deadlines.


Capture the Uncertainty

Estimate a realistic range of time to complete tasks, and IWM PMS will calculate when you’re most likely to get done. It takes everyone’s availability and priorities into account, then creates a schedule you can trust.


manage project and tasks

As you and your team prioritize work, get a realistic picture of when the project will get done. As priorities shift, you can easily move items around and instantly see the impact these changes make on your business.



Make time tracking simple for your team, with the click of a timer and an easy way to log that time to tasks. Rate sheets let you assign costs to labor, so you can measure the return on your investments of time.



Complete overview for each project. You  can easily view time sheet reports and data. Tasks reports and data. Billing reports and data


Agile? Waterfall? Yes!

You can use Agile and Waterfall project management methodologies—or a combination of the two!


Unlock the Data Hidden

As you build and manage a pipeline of pending, approved and active projects, you can analyze your portfolio to gain deep insight into resource requirements, costs and profits.

What our client says