IWM Hospital Management System

A complete Hospital Management System with Integrated Digital Medical Records

IWM HMS has been designed for customers who require value based solutions at low costs. It focus on the administrative needs of hospitals and offer an integrated form of software to manage all the aspects of hospital management such as medical administration, finance billing and other corresponding process of services. With this software IWM HMS has reduce the usage of paperwork made easy to manage different operations in less time.

What is IWM Hospital Management System?

IWM hospital management software has been developed with the objective of streamlining the treatment flow of a patient in the hospital, while allowing doctors and other staff to perform to their peak ability, in an optimized and efficient manner. Some benefits of IWM HMS are :-

  • Helps in overall growth and development of hospital.
  • Reduction of errors in transcription, duplicity of information.
  • Greater check and closer monitoring of the drug usage, and its effectiveness.
  • Higher levels of accuracy in handling of finances, patient diet’s and distribution of medical aids and facilities

How it works

Few KEY FEATURES of the System

Multiuser account system

Access for 8 types of user account.

Appointment management

Appointments with patients  can be easily created and managed by doctors.

Internal messaging

A private chat system for doctors and patients.

SMS notification

Patients can get notification through sms after appointment approval.

Management of Medical reports

Manage medical reports such as operation, birth or death reports.

blood bank management

Status of Blood bank and blood donor can be easily and efficiently managed.

Medication history

The doctors can view entire medication history of parents.

Monitoring of whole hospital

The admin can monitor all activities of the hospital.

Appointment schedule

View all appointments at a glance in calendar view.

Invoice management

Manage patient fees and generate invoice in PDF format.All invoices and payment information is managed by accountant.

bed allotment

Easily see the availability of beds and manage allotment of beds to the patients.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacists can add medicines, can group medicines , can predefine prescriptions based on Diagnosis and update the records.

What our client says