A new survey conducted by Gartner showed that the small as well as big enterprises have started giving the Mobile Application Development (MAD) as their top priority and revealed,

“36% of the enterprises are expected to increase their budget for app development. Also, 44%% of responders signaled that their app portfolio is internally developed. Cloud technologies like PaaS were seen as important by 75%.”

Many companies look to improve productivity, streamline business processes and finally reduce costs. Myriad organizations across the world revolutionize their business process and take them mobile.

There are increasing concerns from IT executives over mobile security and shows that 29% of IT development time is spent on front-end MAD, and 71% is spent on design work, security, integration, and quality assurance. 93% of respondents mentioned worries over data loss and other security breaches.

Ask yourself the following questions when it comes to enterprise mobility and you will come to know if it’s advantageous or not:

1. Is your infrastructure supporting multiple devices and apps?

2. Will MAD make an impact on your employees to increase productivity?

3. Can your business cope 24/7?

Enterprises have moved their feet towards app development to meet the rising demand That is why, it gives a holistic solution in molding organization as a productive entity, highly functional and capable to manage future business challenges.

It is a bare fact that adopting the application trends is just not an option nowadays, it’s a necessity. It’s a rising tide lifting all the boats. It adds values to the business. Below are some crucial benefits which can be noticed when app development is introduced into enterprises:

  • Increase in productivity.
  • Improved user experience, decision making and communication.
  • Great improvement in service quality.
  • Enhanced ROI and reduced TCO with enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Cross Device Support.
  • Efficient Collaboration.

Enterprise resources can be utilized maximum. Building an app from scratch and managing it in-house is expensive and resource-intensive. The accelerating need for agile, flexible, affordable app development processes means enterprises need to be open to the considerable expense of in-house development. Let’s check out the approximate cost:

Design Work:

Let’s say you outsource this and it takes 40 hours at $150 per hour- That’s $6,000.

App Development:

This is a tough one to estimate but it takes 6+ months to launch a single app. Approximately $25,000 for an app that works on 2 platforms.

App updates, security and version control

Many people don’t do a great job planning and budgeting for making tweaks and updates to their app. Conservatively, let’s budget for 30 hours @ $150 per hour. That’s $4,500.

Advanced integration

There are a ton of possibilities, and the costs can add up quickly. Let’s estimate some advanced features and integration at $15,000Total App Development Costs in 1st: $50,500It’s not unusual for this to cost over $50,000 in the first year alone. As per Kinvey survey 2015, 39% of mobile leaders said each app costs over $100k. But as William Llyod Garrison said, “The success of Enterprise doesn’t depend upon the numbers”, it surely indicates that the numbers are always empirical figures; the real catch is in the clear vision of the enterprise.

M-applications provide a new way to maintain relationships with customers. The impact is gradually increasing as Enterprises foresee huge potential to enhance further by making a strong mobile commitment. So practically, having a mobile app for your business is the best way to stay connected to the customers. It is a lucrative approach towards productive and innovative business.

“Oracle’s mobile solutions lets org. to connect, develop, and secure their own mobile applications. Moreover, our comprehensive strategies for mobile simplifies enterprise mobility for any organization,” says Suhas Uliyar, VP, Mobile Strategist at Oracle.

There are plenty of reasons why investment in application development for your business and enterprises is vital as mobile related expenditure is set to receive a 55% boost over the next couple of years. Average IT department spending per device, per employee is expected to grow to $245 from $160 today.

The demand for apps for generating revenue, improving efficiency and increasing customer loyalty is at its highest level. More and more apps are incorporated within companies to tackle the serious issues because it is now becoming a pressing problem in terms of its competitiveness. Niccolo Machiavelli said,

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