It’s incredibly frustrating knowing that your customers are dropping out from your website just before they complete the checkout process.

Of course some customers will change their mind, but what can you do to reduce the number of your potential customers who do not complete their transaction on your website.

Here are some top tips…

Before checkout:

Allow customers to add items to their basket as they shop.

  • When they’ve added one item give them the option to continue shopping (rather than forcing them straight through to checkout)
  • Allow customers to edit their basket easily before beginning final checkout
  • Clearly show postage costs (if any) on the basket page

During checkout:

Keep the information the user has to provide to a minimum. Great ways to do this are to:

  • Use a postcode lookup tool to help the customer complete the address fields (always allow an over-ride in case the information pulled through is inaccurate)
  • Allow the customer to duplicate their shipping and billing address with a tick box
  • Offer PayPal as a payment method (this means your customer will not have to enter their credit / debit card details)
  • Leave any additional marketing information style questions to after the transaction is complete
  • Allow customers to checkout without registering (you could give them the option to create an account after they have completed the transaction)
  • Ensuring customers with accounts have their details automatically remembered to save time during future checkouts

Consider how many pages your checkout process should be – fewer pages is not always best:

  • Single page checkouts are great for lower cost, impulse purchases, they are usually quicker to complete so giving the customer less opportunity to change their mind
  • Three page checkouts however have been shown to be more effective. They allow customers to review their information, feeling their details are safe and secure and providing the minimum field rule has been applied can improve the customer experience by providing a better and clearer layout

After checkout:

Here is the perfect place to add any marketing information questions but there are more important things which should come first…

  • Tell the customer what to expect next in terms of delivery process, confirmation emails, contact details for any queries and most importantly how the purchase will show on their bank card statement (so they don’t ring their bank and cancel the transaction thinking it’s something they didn’t authorise)
  • Get customers to sign up for an account. This enables their information to be saved so checkout is even easier next time. Because the customer will have already entered all their personal details setting up an account should just be a matter of choosing a password (do not require the customer to enter all their details again)

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