Improving Your eCommerce Website Customer Experience

Your customers are the key to the success of your business, everyone knows this. But when it comes to a website, the customer experience, navigation and journey is often over-looked.

Think about your own personal online browsing experiences, when was the last time you persisted for a long time to find something on a website that was confusing or wasn’t easy to navigate because of broken links, irrespective of whether the company is local to Bhopal or not?

The companies which stand out from their competitors are the ones who go the extra mile to make their websites easy for their customers to use, navigate and find what they are looking for.

So with this in mind here are 5 tips which will help you to improve your eCommerce website user-experience for your customers:


Check that none of your links are broken, both internal navigation and links to other websites, on your web pages. An easy way to do this is with this free broken link checker. It’s also a good idea to make sure any hyperlinks are differentiated from the rest of your text with a change in text colour or underlining (like we have done here). Longer link titles are also easier to identify.

Page Speed

Waiting for a page to load is so frustrating – check your page speed with Google’s free speed check tool. If your page is loading too slowly Google will also offer you some suggestions for improving your load time on desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile Devices

And on the subject of mobile, is your website mobile friendly? 1 in 3 online sales are now made via a mobile or tablet device so if your website isn’t mobile browser friendly you are definitely missing out on sales!


Separate your text by using bullet points or small icons. People skim read more when reading websites compared to when reading printed text. Large paragraphs are unlikely to be read in full so it is best to make sure key points or words are highlighted in some way. It’s also important for your headings to be well thought out, relevant and contain key words your customers will be looking for.


Make sure your font, colour schemes and formatting is consistent across all the pages on your website. This not only looks more professional but re-assures your customers that they are on the same website when they move to a new page. Avoid using stock photography if you can, genuine original photography of your products or services are usually more engaging than a stock image a customer might have seen elsewhere, make sure any images you use are relevant to the text too!

For a bit of inspiration, take a look at this blog post from the mashable website, they have identified 6 small business websites which work really well.

However if you are reading this and don’t know where to start or feel your website needs a complete re-design, then get in touch with us here at Hooper Design in Gloucester. We can design and build you anything from a simple one page (scroller) website, to a fully responsive eCommerce website with a full Content Management System, find out more about our eCommerce website design services.

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